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Friday, March 23, 2012

Digital Citizenship/Literacy Curriculum

I came across a resource on Digital Citizenship and Literacy that correlates with the ELA common core standards. Towards the end of this school year we will be adjusting our curriculum maps. We need to keep in mind the need to integrate multiple literacies with content curriculum. Integration of speaking and listening skills and dance, music, visual arts, and computer technologies are crucial in our Reading and Writing curriculum. This is free and offers lessons for all grade levels with a standard alignment table to display where the lesson fits in your grade level content. The link that I am providing will take you to a page where you can select your grade level and browse lessons. On the right of the page you will see "related resources" which will provide an overview of the curriculum, assessment tools and alignment to the standards.

This site is designed for students to think critically and make informed choices on how to create, communicate and treat others in a digital world. Units include: Safety and Security, Digital Life, Privacy and Digital Footprints, Connected Culture, Respecting Creative Work, Research and Information Literacy (Searching and Research and Evaluations). Lots of parent resources are available along with videos and formative assessments to correspond with lessons.

Revised Testing Information

New charts have been issued by KDE that updates the time allowed for each section of the K-Prep Assessment. If a student does not complete parts B and C in the expected time, they may use an additional twenty minutes for all content areas except writing. KDE will study the completion times after this assessment and it will be reviewed for its use in the future. Below is the link to the updated testing times.

Also, you may want to discuss with your students the way the answers will be ordered. For example, student choices will be arranged in the following order:

A. Answer Choice         C. Answer Choice
B. Answer Choice         D. Answer Choice

Students will also be working out of two books this year instead of one. So they will be transferring answers from one booklet to another!
Let me know if you have any questions! As I find out new things I will send them your way!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Problem Solving K-2

Mrs. Karen has shared some information from the KCM Conference that has some great information and tools for students that are beginning to learn addition and subtraction. The PowerPoint is a little long but has some powerful information!

PowerPoint Presentation:

I will be sending you an email with the resources that are attached to the presentation!! If you have any questions let us know! This is a great resource for K-2 teachers.